Walking Trails

walkingA number of walking trails have been developed in Enduimet, these walking trails take you through some fabulous scenery and cultural areas as well as offering the opportunity to see wildlife such as giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, impala and maybe if you are lucky lesser kudu. Click here to know more>


CyclingVast flat pans offer beautiful riding conditions, cycling in Enduimet is fund for all the family. You can ride a bike in the vast open plains of Ngasurai as well as the flat pans around Sinya. Click here to find out more>


donkeys - masai landrovers

Authentic and welcoming could describe the communities in Enduimet. The Maasai in the lower lands of the WMA with their livestock, typical Maasai bomas and fascinating deep water wells are part of the magical experience of Enduimet. On the slopes of Kilimanjaro live the WaChaaga and the WaMeru who are farmers. Click here to know more>


Sinya-minesGoing into the wilderness on safari is a magical experience, see wildlife and the big open African plains is something one never forgets, but one of Africa’s hidden attributes is freedom, the freedom to explore and explore. Enduimet offers freedom, the freedom to walk, cycle or just climb a rock, get out the car and look at an insect; Enduimet offers the true spirit of nature. Click here to know more>