West Kilimanjaro is arguably Tanzania’s best-kept secret. Enduimet remains a relatively untouched haven of approximately 1,280 sq kms. Kilimanjaro dominates, but below her stretches a land as infinite and striking as her towering self.

The craggy face of Mount Meru bows to Kilimanjaro and the wilderness beyond, stretching as far as the eye can see flows into neighbouring Kenya and the ‘Amboseli Echo System.’  You are transported back millions of years to when the earth’s crust was a jigsaw of moving pieces and volcanic activity, in a land as contrasting as it is extraordinary.

The Enduimet WMA is determined to preserve this paradise both as a national & international heritage and in doing so; provide valuable jobs and income for its people, as well as a safe and consistent sanctuary for wildlife.  Measures supporting less livestock more quality, conservation of grasslands, trees & vegetation, wildlife management, increased education and awareness, and responsible tourism point towards a promising future.

maasai man

Man has co-inhabited Enduimet with wildlife for hundreds and thousands of years, but the increase in domestic livestock and agricultural development has tipped the balance precariously. Whilst vaccines help control outbreaks of disease spreading; ingenious alternatives and practical solutions are needed to safeguard Enduimet’s natural heritage. It’s a common crisis, fast spreading across the world; but ‘conservation in action’ is the answer to success and rewarding committed communities. Enduimet is just such a place.

Poachers are indiscriminate in their pursuit of ivory and game meat, and intensified efforts by Enduimet’s WMA are crucial in controlling this.

At the present rate of slaughter whilst supplying the Asia market, Africa’s entire rhino and elephant population will be wiped out within the next 7 to 9 years. The steps Enduimet are taking now will dictate the future of generations to come. They cannot succeed without perseverance, the help of the Anti Poaching Units, its people and worldwide support as a united front.

Written by Colleen Hogg

March, 2013 – Tanzania