Cultural experiences

Visit the Maasai bomas that are very authentic, walk with Maasai Moran and see the herdsmen with their livestock walking across the open plains is a fulfilling experience. The Maasai live in very traditional ‘bomas’ these are a protective thorn fence with their houses and livestock within the center.

Maasai-bomaIn search for water, the Maasai in Sinya dig deep wells where they take their cattle down into these wells for water, this method is becoming a rare sight nowadays however the Maasai in Sinya still use this technique to provide water for their cattle.


On the higher slopes of Enduimet are the WaChagga and WaMeru who live practice farming. These communities grow mainly beans and maize. Their building techniques have changed over the years form originally living in houses made from mud, they now build houses made from timber harvested from commercial estates on the edge of Mt. Kilimanjaro.