Cycling in Enduimet

biking-on-flat-panShort rides or full day rides are easy to manage in Enduimet, with views of Kilimanjaro, open flat pans, vast plains; Enduimet offers a great variety of options for riding your bikes. The terrain is quite flat in most areas so it is easy riding, if you want more of a challenge then riding along the fertile slopes of Kilimanjaro from Sanya Juu past the large barley farms to Olmolog and then down the off the mountain sides to Sinya is a great route through very diverse scenery.

ride-a-bike-in-EnduimetWildlife in the Enduimet WMA is used to bicycles, they do not shy from the Maasai on their way to the market, so riding your bike past a herd of giraffe that continue foraging, past Impala and Grants Gazelle and in the Ngasurai area even past Gerenuk is a special experience.