Education in Enduimet is not limited to primary schools and secondary schools only. It plays a much larger role including adult education that includes awareness of conservation of the habitat, HIV, climate change and a number of other burning issues.  The Enduimet WMA support and number of schools and also provide sponsorship for disadvantaged members of the community to attend secondary school. They also have a mobile cinema unit that shows films on conservation, HIV and other topical and relevant issues.


There are 25 Pre-primary Schools, 9 Primary Schools and 2 secondary Schools in the Enduimet Community.


Through The EWMA Educational Fund, the WMA currently supports 136 students secondary level that are fully sponsored and also supports 9 students per-annum of the tertiary level. Click here for a profile of a few of our students>

The mobile cinema shows educational films, this unit visits all the villages and travels around from ‘boma’ to ‘boma’ showing films, click here to know more>