Mobile Cinema

The Mobile Cinema Unit (MCU) will improve the understanding within the local communities of the EWMA and the role and benefits to enable them to participate in the conservation of the habitat. The management of the EWMA will become easier if the local community understand the challenges faced by the EWMA, examples of these challenges are: poaching for bush meat and ivory, crop raiding by wildlife, livestock predation, land degradation due to over grazing and charcoal manufacturing. Films will also illustrate some more positive outcomes of wildlife and habitat conservation including better grazing for livestock and employment through tourism.

Big Life foundation have been making films over the last year of the EWMA and also collected other films on conservation in the local language (Kiswahili) to show to these communities and also to the communities living adjacent to the EWMA. The mobile cinema unit will show films at night in all the villages, hamlets and schools in the EWMA.


On a typical evening, as sunset approaches, the MCU set up a simple screen, placed in the village square or centered in several hamlets, children already gather around to watch. Soon the music starts to play and very quickly the whole community gathers; darkness falls. This is an exciting event for these communities, with cinema still perceived as a wonder. Films will be shown in a language that is understood, the whole family will be there and it will be a night to remember.