Educational sponsership


Emmanuela Emmanuel Mkenda

Emmanuela-Emmanuel-Mkenda-1Emmanuela Mkenda who is only 16 years old is an orphan living with her uncle. They live on their farm in Tinga Tinga. Her education is supported by the Enduimet WMA. She wants to be a doctor in future and like to help other people “I love to continue with my education because the education that I’m getting will help me to assist other people around me and the society. My future expectation is to be a doctor and to help the people of Enduimet”.

Emmanuela says “To my perspective I see animals as a benefit as the bring money to  the Enduimet WMA  and through the Enduimet WMA people are benefiting for example myself I am getting educated so now I will love to see that animals are conserved so they can bring us more benefits for future generations”.


Samwel Mayoni

Samwel-Mayoni-1Samwel Mayoni  is a 19 years old masai boy . He lives in a village called Kitendeni with his parents who are pastoralists.  He believes that “’Wildlife are among natural resources which gives us many opportunities in our village, we benefit from tourism and this is helping us to alleviate poverty in our villages ’’

Samwel Mayoni is looking to be an accountant in the future and would like to work in the in Enduimet WMA .

“I love and I believe the education I’m getting now will help me to have a better life “

Maria Maringa

Maria-MaringaMaria Maringa was born in Olmolog Village, she is   18 years old. Her parents are subsistence farmers and she is supported by Enduimet WMA where she is studying at Enduimet Secondary school. The secondary school is in the forest on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and Elephant often come into the school grounds at night. Maria said “Education that I am getting will help me in the future to get my basic needs and support my family”.

She believes that wildlife are a benefit in her community despite them sometime raiding her family farm because  “through tourism the WMA is getting money which is used for the community development and environmental conservation and protecting the habitat is important for our future”. Her future expectation is to be a tour guide in the EWMA so that she can interpret wildlife behavior to other visitors to the area.


Tomas Silayo 

Tomas-SilayoTomas Silayo is a student being sponsored by the Enduimet WMA from Kamwanga village, he is 18 years old. He lives with his parents who are farmers. Thomas is very grateful for the opportunity he has got from the Enduimet WMA, “my plan is to study hard to get high level of education, I believe through my education I will have power to protect  wildlife species  in the Wildlife management area”.

“I real love animals and I even joined a scout team in my school where we had projects working with wildlife protection and environment. My future expectation is to be a professional wildlife ranger and make sure that wildlife is healthy and peaceful”.