Enduimet WMA

Enduimet logoEnduimet Wildlife  Management Area lies in Olmolog and Tinga Tinga wards in the West Kilimanjaro Basin of Longido District. It is bordered with Kilimanjaro National Park on the South-East, while on the North, it boarders the Tanzania-Kenya political boundary. On the west side, the WMA borders with Ngasurai Open Area. Enduimet is close to west Kilimanjaro it is about 20km2 from the WMA center. The WMA is a association of 9 villages and is managed by our communities for the future generations of the people of Enduimet.


An empowered, united community that its members can sustainably access holistic human needs without discrimination.


To provide a platform for sustainable protection and utilization of resources within Enduimet for income generation through eco-friendly tourism activities that shall address health, water, education, livestock, infrastructure and wealth creation for future generations.

The WMA hosts variety of wild species which includes Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe, Leopard, Oryx, Lesser Kudu, Eland, Gerenuk, Klipspringer, Hartebeest, Bushbuck, Wildebeest, Bushuck, Hyaena, Thomson Gazelle and Grants Gazelle and other small animals. Ecologically, it acts as connectivity between the Mkomazi, Arusha, Kilimanjaro National Parks and Tsavo ecosystem.