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The AA/CBO council members are 27 in total, these are 3 representatives from the 9 member villages elected through voting in their respective Village Councils, they represent their  villages in the WMA management. The AA/CBO council act as the governing body of the Authorised Association in a Wildlife Management Area. The AA/CBO also have an employed management Team that is also accountable to the AA. These are the Administration Officer, Finance Officer, Assistant Tourism  Manager and Assistant Security and Ant poaching Operation manager. The AA elects the Chairman of the AA/CBO who currently works  as the  EWMA Manager.  The EWMA also formed 6 Committees i.e The Executive/steering  Committee, Planning and Finance Committee, Security Committee, Discipline & Conflicts Resolution Committee, Education Committee, Environment and Tourism Committee.  With exemption of the employed personnel, the s Hold the their Position for a Term of three years after which the election is held in village councils to obtain representatives.

Currently, The CBO/AA  members are:

  1. Parsanga Ole Ndapa Chairman of the AA
  2. Sapuro Lemkishoi Mollel – Secretary of the AA
  3. William Richard Ole Kuyan – Admin. Officer Enduimet WMA
  4. Igno Isaack Laitayok – Finance Officer Enduimet WMA
  5. Benedict Melubo –AA member – Representative Ol molog
  6. Noosek Kadogo –AA member – Representative Olmolg
  7. Noeli Maluku –AA member – Representative Olmolog
  8. Oloodo Olesokooi –AA member – Representative Lerang’wa
  9. Elizabeth Alais –AA member – Representative Lerang’wa
  10. Kitasho Simel  –AA member – Representative Kitenden
  11. Yapoyo Logotu  –AA member – Representative Kitenden
  12. Peria OleMurda  –AA member – RepresentativeKitenden
  13. Lusiana Daniel  –AA member – Representative Irkaswa
  14. Kesoi Sipira  – AA member – Representative Irkaswa
  15. Lalaito Simel -AA member – Representative Irkaswa
  16. Lucresia P. Njirowa  – AA member – Representative Kamwanga
  17. Makarot Laandasati  – AA member – Representative Kamwanga
  18. Lomayani Sainyeye  – AA member – Representative Kamwanga
  19. Papakinyi Nguliya – AA member – Representative Elerai
  20. Gladness Mures – AA member – Representative Elera
  21. Vincent Ole Mitasheye –AA member – Representative Elerai
  22. Mariam Saning’o– AA member – Representative Tingatinga
  23. Isaack Ole Ndekero– AA member – Representative Tingatinga
  24. Kelembu Ting’oi– AA member – Representative Sinya
  25. Nanekoi Olekurru– AA member – Representative- Sinya
  26. Saipima Njakwa – AA member – Representative Sinya
  27. Lakara Naigisa– AA member – Representative Ngereyani
  28. Kashuma Kaango– AA member – Representative Ngereyani
  29. Noosikarri Kiria– AA member – Representative Ngereyani

Board of Trustees

The EWMA has a Board of Trustees that are entrusted with the authority to make final decisions and signing investment agreements on behalf of the Authorised Association (AA) . The Board oversee the overall management and progress of the WMA.

Currently the Board of Trustees has Nine Members:

  1. Hon. Michael Lekule Laizer (MP) – Chairman of The Board and Member of Parliament for  Longido District.
  2. Mathias Orkireye Mollel – Vice Chairman of the Board and Ol Molog Ward Councillor.
  3. Joseph Ole Lendii   Board of Trustees Secretary
  4. Lee Pamphil Olduka – Member of the Board and Engarenaibor Division Officer
  5. Parsanga Ole Ndapa   Board Member and Chairman of the AA/CBO
  6. Vincent Ole Mitasheye – Member of the Board.
  7. Mariam Saning’o Lekukwo– Member of the Board
  8. Veronica Nguchicha Mollel – Member of the Board
  9. Mepukori Salaash – Member of the Board

Advisory board

The WMA also has a District  Natural Resources Advisory Board that help advise  and provide technical assistance to the AA in all matters regarding management of the WMA.  Currently the Enduimet WMA Advisory Board members are:

  1. Hon. James  Ole Miliya – Chairman of the Board and Commissioner of Longido District.
  2. Longido District Executive Director
  3. Stephen Laizer – Secretary of the Board and Game Officer Longido  District
  4. David A. Natai – Longido District Legal Officer
  5. District Land Officer
  6. District Forest Officer
  7. District Beekeeping Officer
  8. District Community Development Officer
  9. District Fisheries Officer
  10. Three Representative of the Authorised Association (AA)