Wa Chaaga

Chagga-houseThe WaChagga come from the southern and eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru . The Chagga are mainly in the Irikaswa area that lies East of the ‘Kitanden Migratory Corridor’, which extends from Kenya up to the highest reaches of Kilimanjaro’s green belt. Like Kitanden it is fertile agricultural land and conflicts with wildlife is commonplace; but simple & consistent methods of controlling game, night patrols and community teamwork are slowly working.

Chagga-house-2 Home to the Changa tribe, they have lived on the foothills of Kilimanjaro before history was printed. Kilimanjaro looms directly above in all her glory and the steady water and fertile soil is both an agriculturists and wildlife’s heaven. Elephants and larger plains game have used this natural migratory corridor between Irikaswa and chagga 2Kitanden for hundreds and thousands of years. Culturally they are related to  the WaPare. They are primarily into agriculture , with some cattle herding, using irrigation on terraced fields and manure.  Bananas are their staple food, but they cultivate other crops as well e g red millet, maize , sweet potatoes.  The importance of   ancestors  is strongly maintained by the Chagga – to this day. They had an idea of Divinity, identified with the majestic sun as life giver.