Meru-and-othersThe Tanzanian  WaMeru settled in the forest on the slopes of Mount Meru. They are predominantly farmers , both cultivating crops and keeping  livestock. – in sharp contrast to their  neighbours the Maasai.  Unusual customs govern the naming of   Meru babies. Though many  African ethnic groups name the first boy born after the husband’s father, and the first girl after his mother and so on,  a known  case is of a Meru girl called Mukami,  who was actually named Washuka, after her grandmother, but  was never know by this name, as  Washuka was still alive, and it was disrespectful, according to custom, to use a living woman’s name . Mukami was given her nickname (which stuck) because it means “one who milks cows,” and milking was something her grandmother liked to do.