Where to stay

Enduimet has two main options for staying in Enduimet. You can either stay at one of the luxury tented camps or bring your own tent to one of the campsites available.


There are two main luxury tented camps that are both in the North of Enduimet.

thumbnail Kambi ya Tembo; Facing the snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro and the endless African savannah, Kambi ya Tembo offers fantastic views. The camp consists of 14 tents each with private en suite bathroom facilities. You can sit and watch the natural world pass by from the ample sun decks. The semi-arid land of Sinya and Elerai has an abundance of natural riches and is home to some of the largest elephants in East Africa. Click here to know more>

thumbnail Shumata Camp: In Maijo’s language, Maa, “Shu’mata” means something like “above the clouds” or “heaven”. To me, this luxurious refuge, made up of a handful of living tents in Hemingway style, is a piece of the very magic of which East Africa is made. “Shu’mata” is not a real national park, not folklore commercialized, not even a ‘real’ hotel. It is a small but amazing permanent camp on a hill in the midst of original Maasailand. It is an unforgetable place, even if not memorized on photographs.  Click here to know more>


thumbnailOne of the best ways to visit Enduimet is to bring your own tent and go camping. Enduimet offers some fabulous campsites. These are all very basic, a group of shady trees in the wilderness in an area with great attractions. Click here to know more>

We had a fantastic time at the Sinya camp site, beautiful views and we were woken up to a sight of Elephants about 200m away from us.